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Instant banana, caramel &cookie dough ice-cream

Everyone loves ice-cream no? It’s the kid dessert that morphs from smurf and bubblegum flavours to rum & raisin, Bailey’s and coffee. Not that adults can’t continue to enjoy a colourful scoop of bubblegum course.

Finding good ice-cream can be hard, and it isn’t something that is generally easy and quick to make, yet it definitely is a comfort food, often required on demand. The urge to EAT ice-cream is instantaneous. The ability to make ice-cream, quite simply, is not. So unless your local supermarket stocks some nice options, freeze some bananas and read on to ensure instant gratification for future cravings!

This recipe draws on three components of the Vegan caramel, peanut & chocolate tart: caramel date filling, peanut filling, and tart crust (“cookie dough”).

Instant banana, caramel & cookie dough ice-cream
per person

Ingredients IMG_2350-0
1 frozen banana (slice it before freezing)
1/8tsp vanilla bean seeds
1tsp maple syrup (optional)
2TB milk of choice (+more if required)

1TB date caramel
1TB peanut sauce
2TB tart crust
*Recipes for each topping element found here.

. Make peanut and caramel sauces as for the tart, adding an additional 1/2C-1C filtered water to caramel sauce. Store in clean glass jars in fridge for up to 2 weeks and pop in the microwave (without the lids!!!) to return them to liquid form before serving.
2. When making tart crust, roll mixture out into a thin sausage shape and wrap in cling wrap. Freeze for later use, breaking off the tart into “cookie dough” pieces.
3. Place banana, vanilla, maple syrup and milk in blender and wizz until smooth and ice-cream-y.
4. Scoop out ice-cream into serving bowls and top with caramel, peanut sauce and cookie dough.



1. The banana is key to this recipe to ensure fluffiness and ice-cream-like texture. Other frozen fruits alone do not produce the same creamy result.
2. Mix up the flavours to your taste: add cacao powder, coffee (instead of milk), peanut butter, coconut milk, nutella, caramel, raspberries or anything else you’d like to the blender and wizz away.

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