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Vegan chocolate bites: Polish “śliwki w czekoladzie”

Poland makes heaps of different chocolate/praline treats.  Having grown up with many of them constantly available in our household, I think they’re the BEST chocolates in the world.  I’m probably a little biased and I do recognise that, well… they’re not the best FOR you…  it is chocolate and sugar and who knows what else processed inside the little buggers.

There is however one type of Polish chocolate, “sliwka w czekoladzie”, literally “prune in chocolate” which is perhaps the most healthy, but also the most controversial.  People either love them, or love to hate them.  Let’s face it, prunes don’t really excite people much.  They’re not apricots or figs or dates.  They’re “boring” and for old people with digestive problems…  Hrmmm here’s where I admit that I love prunes, and I definitely fall into the “love” category for “prunes in chcolate”.  Here’s my take on it, no processed nasties, and bonus: vegan!



Vegan chocolate bites:  Polish “śliwki w czekoladzie”

15 prunes
1/4C almonds
1/4C hazelnuts
1tsp vanilla
4 medjool dates
1tb maple syrup
1tb coconut sugar
50g dark chocolate

1. Place the almonds and hazelnuts in wizzer or blender and process until it resembles a nut butter. Add the vanilla, dates, maple syrup and coconut sugar. Process until smooth.
2. Roll out little bits of the mixture and place a prune in the middle (like a ravioli withthe prune being the stuffing). Mould the mixture around the prune and then roll in your hands to create a smooth finish. Repeat with the remaining prunes (you may use more/less than 15 depending on their size).
3. Break the chocolate up in a microwave-proof bowl. Microwave on low heat until melted checking every 30secs to ensure it does not burn).
4. Drop prunes in the melted chocolate and ensure they are covered evenly. I used two skewers to manuveure the prunes around and then remove them without leaving fingerprint marks on the chocolate!
5. Place in refrigerator until chocolate is set and enjoy!

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