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Chicken & Vegetable dog treats

Mishka, our “too-big-to-be-a-Pomsky-so-she-must-actually-be-a-Husky” LOVES food.  She doesn’t discriminate.  We’ve resorted to closing the kitchen door as she’s been known to jump up on the kitchen bench and pick up a banana, or her all-time favourite, avocado, from the fruit bowl as a snack.  Avocados are in fact toxic to dogs so beware!

An issue with store bought dog snacks are that they are filled with chemicals and nasty additives.  We feed Mishka a whole-food diet as much as we can with fresh meat, fish, bones, fruit and vegetables.  She’ll get some bits and bobs of random leftover pasta or baguette here and there, but her staple meals are as healthy as possible.

Because she spends a fair few hours alone while we are at work, she needs snacks/toys that occupy her time (not kibble that she can devour in seconds).  These dog treats are baked overnight at a very low temperature, essentially dehydrated, so that they are as hard as a rock and take a while (not long enough…) to consume.  The recipe can be adjusted to suit your pantry/leftovers so don’t feel obliged to follow it exactly – use what you have, just avoid the toxins (onions, garlic, chocolate/cocoa, avocado, strawberries, macadamia nuts, grapes… ). Also note this recipe uses leftover roast chicken. Normally you should avoid (at all costs!) giving your pooch cooked chicken bones as they shatter and can lodge in your dog’s stomach/throat causing serious problems (possibly even death). This recipe however pulverises the bones into a paste so that they are no longer harmful. You should however consider feeding your dog raw bones, eg a chicken carcass, chicken wings or chicken necks, as they are the best toothbrush your dog can have!

Chicken & Vegetable Dog treats

1 leftover roast chicken (skin removed or washed from salt/seasoning)
1/2 cooked butternut pumpkin
1C green beans
1 boiled potato
1/2C flaxseeds
2 whole eggs (including shells for calcium)
4TB coconut oil
1/4C water (+ more if required)
4-5C whole-wheat flour
optional – 1/2 bunch parsley

1. Preheat over to 160C (fan-forced).
2. Break chicken bones into pieces small enough to fit in your blender. Blend until smooth paste forms. Add remaining ingredients (except flour) and continue pulverising until smooth. You may need to adjust water level to make blending easier.
3. Tip the paste into a large bowl and add flour (enough so that the dough is dry but manageable).
4. Form any shapes you wish. I made bones (mainly for the cute effect) by rolling a pipe then squeezing the top between my thumb and forefinger to create the ‘T’ end of the bone on each side. I wanted a solid shape and not something thin/flakey so didn’t use cookie-cutters as Mishka would devour something too thin in no time…
5. Bake at 160C for 30mins, then reduce temperature to 100C and bake/dehydrate overnight (mine took 12hrs). The treats should be completely dry/hard to touch and hollow sounding when ‘knocked’. The dehydrating time will of course depend on the thickness of the shape you make.

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