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Vegan Raspberry, Chocolate & Coconut smoothie bowl (Raspberry Ripe)

Almost every Australian I know is obsessed with Cherry Ripes.  It’s one of those things that Australian visitors bring with them when they visit us here at our Australian workplace – a giant bag of cherry ripes. People literally go wild and they disappear within moments.  Those that missed out hear about it for days…  For those who don’t know, a Cherry Ripe is basically a chocolate bar consisting of a combination of desiccated coconut and cherries, slathered in dark chocolate.  Of course, they are loaded with artificial additives, processed sugar, colours etc. Not that great in the scheme of things.  Having a slight craving for the taste this morning I concocted this creation – additive free, vegan, quick, healthy and delicious!

Vegan Raspberry, Chocolate & Coconut smoothie bowl (Raspberry Ripe)

1C frozen raspberries
1 banana
2-3TB raw cacao powder (to taste)
1/2tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2C coconut milk
3 ice cubes
1/4-1/2tsp maca powder (it’s strong so adjust to taste)
Optional: 1 scoop protein powder or 1 medjool date
Toppings: raspberries, coconut, banana, cacao nibs – anything you want!

1. Place all ingredients in blender and wizz until smooth. Pour into bowl, add toppings of choice and enjoy!

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