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Oat, flax, hemp & chia seed porridge / overnight mix

Recently I’ve been doing a million things in the morning before heading off to work.  The usual run with the fur baby still occurs (she’d guilt me into it regardless with her big blue eyed whining; plus the morning exercise calms BOTH of us for at least the first half of the day!).  It’s more random ideas that come into my mind.  A to-do list. A shopping list.  A recipe idea.  It’s never anything particularly exciting, but for some reason it seems to happen in the morning.  Because I can honestly say I have NEVER skipped breakfast (and when circumstances have almost forced me to, I have whinged, moaned and carried on like there’s no tomorrow resulting in something inevitably being passed to me for digestion).  Regardless of the hour – crazy 5am flight, ridiculously early work meeting – I need something in my belly.  I really believe the belly is connected to the brain.  At least in my case.

All this to say is that recently I’ve not had the luxury (at least on weekdays) to get much time to prep breakfast.  Work days see me generally eating smoothie bowls, “nice-cream”, granola or some form of oats/chia porridges/puddings.  There was a stage that I was mixing the overnight oats/puddings/porridges daily, mixing and matching what I felt like the next morning, but then *lightbulb moment* I thought – why not just make a large batch and use that?!  So that’s what this little number is!

Feel free to add whatever seeds, nuts, dried fruit, coconut or other additions you like to the dry mix.  I tend to stick to the “vanilla” version because it lets me adjust to taste on the morning (one day I might feel like pecans, the other like roasted hazelnuts), but there is a scattering of nuts throughout to add some crunch.  Same goes for the dried fruit, I add just a bit to add that sweetness while the mixture soaks/cooks, but add some extra of whatever I feel like on the day.

  Oat, flaxseed, hemp & chia seed porridge mix
Approx 10-12 servings

3C oats (gf if required)
1/2C chia seeds
1/4C flaxseeds
1/4C hemp hearts

1/4C chopped mixed nuts
1/4C dried fruits
1/3C coconut flakes

1. Put everything into a large jar or airtight container and store in a cool/dry place. Too easy!


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