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Gooey chocolate chickpea brownies

Sorry I’ve been absent a while. A long time actually. I was super busy up until two weeks ago after which I don’t really have an excuse so I won’t even try making anything up. Turns out unemployment requires a bit more planning despite the seemingly endless hours. Time flies by! I’m still in the kitchen, daily, but recording experimental recipes just hasnt happened. Or the records have disappeared during a “clean”. Hrmmm. 

I’m still in Perth (Australia) one week into a two week trip. I wish I could say that the sun is shining and the beach enticing but, aside from the first few days, it’s now rainy and cold. Well, 20C. But that’s cold in Perth. The coats and boots come out. Strange. I’m guilty of it myself though. Maybe I’ve actually bought the sad weather with me from Paris. Oups. So instead of fresh crunchy salads and sorbets, today I experimented with brownies. Who doesn’t like gooey chocolate cake!? This one is gluten free, refined sugar free, and (optionally) vegan. Thanks to the addition of chickpeas, it’s also high in protein. So you can’t feel guilty for eating more than a slice. Or three… And I promise you won’t taste them!!


Gooey chocolate chickpea brownies 

1C + 1/4C drained chickpeas
1C + 2TB milk (nut or dairy)
1/2tsp psyllium husks
1TB tapioca starch (or corn)
5TB coconut sugar
3TB maple syrup
1/2 vanilla bean
3 flax eggs (sub for real if not vegan)
2TB + 1/2TB coconut oil, melted
5TB cacao powder
1/3C walnuts, chopped
1/3C dark choc chips
1/3C + 2TB coconut flour
1tsp baking powder
pinch sea salt

1. Place chickpeas, milk, psyllium, tapioca, salt, vanilla, sugar, maple, coconut oil, and eggs in blender and wizz until smooth.
2. Place flour, baking power, cacao, walnuts and choc chips in large bowl and combine. Add wet mixture and fold to combine well.
3. Pour mixture into baking paper lined tray (18x28cm) and bake for 30-40mins at 170C.


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