I’m Dominica, an Australian girl born to Polish parents, now living in Paris (phew!) and I’m completely OBSESSED with food… (cooking and eating!).

Ever since I can remember I was thinking about food, reading about food, watching TV shows about food, and cooking: making a mess of the family kitchen by never realllyy following recipes to a T…  but hey, rules were meant to be broken no?

GobbleNosh is my baby,  a place for me to share recipes and ideas from this city of inspiration as I continue grazing through life. Please use the recipes as a guide, I’ve never strictly followed a recipe (probably why I’m not a great baker…) but as I’m creating here I do try to make as accurate as possible notes on quantities/timing/methods.  That said, if something seems too bland, thick, salty or just “off” – modify!  Remember everything is relative – a tomato can be super sweet and ripe or completely flavourless. Smell, hear, look, feel and TASTE as you go, you’ll be much happier with the results as we all have our preferences.

Thanks for checking in and ENJOY!!

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