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Gooey chocolate chickpea brownies

Sorry I’ve been absent a while. A long time actually. I was super busy up until two weeks ago after which I don’t really have an excuse so I won’t even try making anything up. Turns out unemployment requires a bit more planning despite the seemingly endless hours. Time flies by! I’m still in the… Continue reading Gooey chocolate chickpea brownies

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“Ferrero Rocher” Protein balls (Vegan and Gluten free)

I like to get my nutrients and minerals from natural sources as much as possible.  I do pop a daily multi-vitamin though I don’t believe that it will magically balance essentials nutrients out if I was to not be conscious of my food on a day-to-day basis.  Getting my daily required protein however has been a… Continue reading “Ferrero Rocher” Protein balls (Vegan and Gluten free)

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Vegan gluten-free pumpkin, orange & spice muffins

It’s pretty rare that I’m in a baking mood (far too exact a science and I really dislike failures) but for whatever reason, I recently felt like just that: being exact and risking failure.  Calling it for 2016 – take more risks!  Still on the vegan bandwagon, and trying to keep things extra complicated by cutting… Continue reading Vegan gluten-free pumpkin, orange & spice muffins

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Creamy, chewy, fresh basil gelato

During our stay in the Cinque Terre, we planned to visit each of the five villages that make up the “cinque” (5).  On one particularly hot day we chose to visit Corniglia, the least touristy village perched high up on a cliff and only accessible via the walking paths or train (there is no harbour so the ferry… Continue reading Creamy, chewy, fresh basil gelato

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Vegan chocolate bites: Polish “śliwki w czekoladzie”

Poland makes heaps of different chocolate/praline treats.  Having grown up with many of them constantly available in our household, I think they’re the BEST chocolates in the world.  I’m probably a little biased and I do recognise that, well… they’re not the best FOR you…  it is chocolate and sugar and who knows what else processed inside… Continue reading Vegan chocolate bites: Polish “śliwki w czekoladzie”

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Instant banana, caramel &cookie dough ice-cream

Everyone loves ice-cream no? It’s the kid dessert that morphs from smurf and bubblegum flavours to rum & raisin, Bailey’s and coffee. Not that adults can’t continue to enjoy a colourful scoop of bubblegum course. Finding good ice-cream can be hard, and it isn’t something that is generally easy and quick to make, yet it definitely is… Continue reading Instant banana, caramel &cookie dough ice-cream

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Huh?! VEGAN?! Caramel, peanut & chocolate tart

I am super chuffed about this recipe.  The result tasted so damn good you wouldn’t know it to be vegan and gluten-free (and possibly raw if you go with that option – see note below).  OK so it doesn’t compare to Parisian pastries but it’s still amazing…). AND it came about purely by accident (albeit a forced one…). I really… Continue reading Huh?! VEGAN?! Caramel, peanut & chocolate tart