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Gooey chocolate chickpea brownies

Sorry I’ve been absent a while. A long time actually. I was super busy up until two weeks ago after which I don’t really have an excuse so I won’t even try making anything up. Turns out unemployment requires a bit more planning despite the seemingly endless hours. Time flies by! I’m still in the… Continue reading Gooey chocolate chickpea brownies

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Pork, tofu, kimchi & soba noodle soup

There’s something warming about a steaming hot Asian soup – all the spices fused together into the most delectable broth.  The best ones are salty, sweet, sour, and spicy – all at once. Add an egg, stir it through, and it becomes the most amazing creamy explosion of flavours! The best thing about these soups… Continue reading Pork, tofu, kimchi & soba noodle soup

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Oat, flax, hemp & chia seed porridge / overnight mix

Recently I’ve been doing a million things in the morning before heading off to work.  The usual run with the fur baby still occurs (she’d guilt me into it regardless with her big blue eyed whining; plus the morning exercise calms BOTH of us for at least the first half of the day!).  It’s more… Continue reading Oat, flax, hemp & chia seed porridge / overnight mix

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Chickpea pancake (vegan & gluten free)

In an effort to try to be plant-based / vegan at least a few times a week, but not sacrificing taste and protein intake, I got experimenting with chickpea flour. After spending some time last summer in the Cinque Terre region of Italy, I discovered “farinata”, a chickpea pizza/focaccia which was absolutely delicious. Thinking I… Continue reading Chickpea pancake (vegan & gluten free)

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Shredded lamb with frekeh and pomegranate salad

Sundays are lazy days for us. It’s my “rest day” so the only exercise that happens is a long walk with the little wolf. Other than that, Sundays comprise lazy market visits, brunch at home, reading and a possible movie. An afternoon nap is always welcome too… Cooking wise, Sundays are lazy too. I’ll inevitably… Continue reading Shredded lamb with frekeh and pomegranate salad

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Prawn & spring onion dumplings

One of the things I really miss about Australia is the accessibility of multicultural food.  Just going to China Town and having the feeling you’ve been transported to Asia itself – mountains of sushi, noodles, ramens, stir-fries, and DUMPLINGS to choose from.  Sure, Paris has it’s own Asian niches here and there, but it’s not… Continue reading Prawn & spring onion dumplings

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Beef burgers (with homemade rolls and mayo)

The rise of gourmet burger joints has definitely risen. The market is basically saturated with them, and I suspect it’s worldwide. The burger’s popularity has risen such that those served in the gourmet joints are almost unrecognisable compared to the McDonald’s burger which was the only burger joint back in my days. Oh and Burger… Continue reading Beef burgers (with homemade rolls and mayo)